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Seminario interno attività di tutoraggio: Shidsa Zarei

Shidsa Zarei presenta gli esiti dell’attività di tirocinio svolta presso il maud lab sull’analisi e la mappatura della distribuzione degli inquinanti

10.06.2024 h. 14.30

Sala Consiglio, primo piano/ Edificio Carta
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While Europe maintains better air quality compared to other global regions, its towns and cities grapple with pervasive pollution, impacting the daily lives of all residents. The primary objective of the internship was to conduct comprehensive mapping and analysis of environmental pollution, aiming to identify the various pollutants, assess their concentrations, and map their distribution patterns. Additionally, it explored understanding the production sources of pollutants, correlating them with human activities and industries. The analysis included studying temporal variations in pollutant levels, identifying seasonal trends, and assessing any fluctuations or trends in concentration levels mainly sourcing from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service.
Moreover, the ubiquitous phenomenon of Urban Heat Island, specifically focusing on Surface Urban Heat Islands and its correlation with urban construction and human activity, mainly sourced from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer has been investigated. The internship’s sequential structure entailed a focus on air pollution concentrations during colder seasons initially, followed by an exploration of extreme temperatures during hotter seasons. This shift was motivated by the aim to identify regions within Italy that are most affected by both air pollution and heat stress. Additionally, aligning with the learning objectives of the internship, including working with higher resolution data, and progressing from larger to smaller scales.